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Teachers Wanted

Qualified and committed teachers to work in a Christian Mission school ( Affiliated to AG - North India and Recognised by Government of Uttar Pradesh).
Vacancies are open in Junior and Senior sections (English, Social Studies, Computer,Physics and Chemistry). Satisfactory remuneration, free accommodation and other benefits will be offered to the right candidates. Families, couples and singles may apply. 
Those interested may send an introductory letter with resume to





About the school

Emmanuel Church School, Utraula is located close  enough to the Indo -Nepal border in West Uttar Pradesh that on a good clear day, we can actually glimpse the Himalayan mountain range on the horizon from the terrace. The nearest city,  Lucknow is 180kms away. This school was started in 1984 and from a class of half dozen kids sitting on the Mission House veranda to almost 1000 children in Nursery to Class 12 on two campuses, the school has come a long way.  But there is always a need for dedicated and qualified teachers. 
We are specially in urgent need for the current academic year.
A golden opportunity to influence and teach children who have very little exposure to the world outside their village. Even a year's effort can give rich rewards. If you would be interested in knowing more,please write to or call/message me at 9554320896.